Guide to Renew Indian Passport in Dubai

Living in a different country has its obstacles to tackle together. Managing your life on your own without any backup tends to work you up a bit. But you will get along with it in a while. You have to have all the necessary documents such as your passport, and your identity documents from your home country. Also, keep an eye on the validity date of your passport, just to make sure to renew it in time.

If you’re living in UAE as an expat, you can renew your passport in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. If you’re from India and want to renew your passport, this is the guide to renew Indian passport in Dubai.

Documents Required

Your Indian passport should be within one year of the expiry date and you can apply for the renewal. To renew your Indian passport in Dubai, first, you have to fill out the Indian passport renewal form. You can fill out the form online by downloading the form from their official website (www.blsindiavisa-uae.com), printing it and filling it with black ink, or you can directly visit the BLS International Passport Services office in Dubai, or the Consulate General of India, Dubai. For the submission of the application, you have to be physically present at the BLS centre. You have to carry your original passport for renewal services. Along with that, you need to have 2 passport size photos, ensure that the photos must not be 3 months old or more. The photos must be in the white background wearing dark attire. Also, it is mandatory to carry the photocopies of your Identity details issued in the UAE, to ensure that you were residing in the UAE before your application legitimately.

Application Tracking

When all the documents are submitted properly, you will receive a receipt, containing the tracking id of your application. You can go online to track your application progress.

Indian Passport renewal fees:

  1. For Minors – AED 190.
  2. For Adults – AED 285 (36 pages), AED 380 (60 pages)
  3. TATKAL Emergency – AED 855 (36 pages), AED 950 (60 pages)

Along with this, there is a service charge of AED 9 and the Indian Community Welfare Fund of AED 8. The processing time of the services availed is a minimum of 5 working days, which means Sunday to Thursday, except for public holidays for minors and adults. If one has availed of the Tatkal emergency scheme, the processing time is a minimum of 2 working days. On the premises, you have to carry out the transactions in cash only.

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