Best Guide On Property Visa Dubai in 2022

With the booming real estate market of Dubai, any person seeking to invest in this expansive city of technology, exceptional infrastructure, colourful diversity and beyond with the property visa Dubai must take a look at the property visa schemes offered by UAE based on the amount of investment one makes primarily in the real estate and other sectors to fulfil the eligibility requirements. A property visa in Dubai or property investor visa is a great way to apply for many benefits that the government offers just based on your investment thus, creating an opportunity you would not want to miss out on.

Types of property visa in Dubai

property visa dubai

Six Month Multi-Entry Visa- Property Visa Dubai

As the name suggests, it enables the holder to make multiple entries within six months with its applicability extending to all seven emirates.

Eligibility: Applicant must have invested in property worth more than AED 1 million.

Three-year residence visa- Property Visa Dubai

On receiving this visa, you become entitled to residency in the UAE, Emirates ID, driving license and family sponsorship. A holder of this visa cannot spend more than 6 months consecutively outside the county.

Eligibility: Buy or invest in a property of more than AED 1 million in Dubai.

Five-year long term residence visa- Property Visa Dubai

Based on your interest to buy property you get the liberty to sponsor your family and dependents. The majority of the investors show interest in this category of visa option. A person who acquires a visa under this must maintain his investments for at least five years. 

Eligibility: Investment in property worth more than AED 5 million.

Ten-year long term visa- Property Visa Dubai

Sponsor an executive director and one advisor, in addition to your family apart from other business partners subject to certain terms and conditions, access to visa-free travel to certain countries makes a Golden visa attractive.

Eligibility: Investment of at least AED 10 million into the UAE (maximum of 40% in the real estate) rest of the investment must be diversified into other sectors of the economy.

UAE Retirement Visa

This gives people willing to settle in the UAE an opportunity to reap the benefits of the visa scheme if they intend to stay in any of the Emirates after retirement. This could be a good option as the lifestyle and healthcare infrastructure of Dubai simply speaks for themselves.

Eligibility: Investment of at least AED 2 million, Financial savings of a minimum of AED 1 million, and an active monthly income of at least AED 20,000.

To make the region investor-friendly with the property visa Dubai, these are the types of visas that an individual can apply for to take advantage of the world-class environment that the residents of Dubai enjoy! Looking to buy properties in Dubai? Contact Clematis Properties.

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